Sterling Brooke

u t i l i t a r i a n . l u x e

Uncorked Originals, utilitarian luxe wares, are inspired by nature.  Hand finished on the Emerald Coast of Florida, Uncorked Originals are not just goods and provisions...they are an experience. A return to craftsmanship, pride, and utility. A movement.

We honor the sand, the soil, and everything that springs forth.

My Grandma always said, "You can be just as fancy in the woods as you can at the White House."  Our goods are durable and refined.  Each piece is rooted in nature from design to raw materials.  It is about connecting with our tools and being. Our utilitarian tools and luxe accessories should be used and cherished from the fishing boat to the dinner party.

s t e r l i n g . b r o o k e

Sterling is dedicated to honoring the hardworking and unabashedly devoted. She has an abounding appreciation for those who have shaped her world. An appreciation we see in her designs: Quality goods for those with uncompromising standards.

Giving Back

Uncorked Life Mission Statement